Homeowners Insurance

Your home is likely the largest single investment you will make. Be sure it is covered correctly. Coverage and program choices go far beyond just choosing a company and a coverage limit for your house.

With “increased cost of construction” endorsements, some policies give you an extra cushion of protection, even if the cost to rebuild your home exceeds the current policy limit.

If you own a condominium or rent, special coverage forms are available to you too.

What about what’s inside your house? Discuss your property needs with one of our agents to find if you require special coverage for jewelry, fine arts & collectibles, guns, business property, recreational vehicles, or other items that make your needs unique.

  • In-home business? We can cover that!
  • Life & disability coverage for your mortgage?We can do that, too.
  • Flood insurance? Even if you aren’t in a flood plain, it’s something to consider.
  • High liability limits? A personal umbrella to accompany your homeowners policy is a great idea.